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Adult Medicaid Denture Benefits 2021 In Louisiana

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With the start of a new year comes new opportunity for denture coverage in Louisiana via Medicaid. In 2021, Medicaid Adult Dental Benefits that include specific denture-related dental services are available from two providers. These companies are DentaQuest USA Insurance Company and MCNA Dental Plans. 

Medicaid And Dentures

Adults enrolled, who meet eligibility criteria with these companies, may receive X-rays and dental exams when getting dentures and partials, plus one complete set of dentures or a single denture every eight years. Also, included in coverage are adjustments of dentures for 6 months after receiving them. Furthermore, repairs and relines are covered after 1 year of fabrication. 

Plans The Denture Center Accepts

The Denture Center in Monroe is pleased to accept dental coverage from both Denta Quest and MCNA Dental for Louisiana enrollees. With that coverage, Dr. Patel and his team will fabricate dentures for optimal fit, comfort, and function for each patient that qualifies. And because we work with patients with Medicaid Dental Coverage regularly, we can help clients understand and use their denture-related benefits to the fullest.

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More On Denture Adjustments & Relines

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Denture Adjustments And Relines

Just as a vehicle needs maintenance from time to time after you have purchased it, so do dentures in the form of denture adjustments and relines.

When You Receive Your Dentures

When first receiving dentures, some minor adjustments may need to be made as you settle into them, especially if this is your first set. 

You may leave the dental office with dentures feeling comfortable, but notice a few issues as you continue to wear them. Please contact your dentist with any questions or concerns. 

Denture Adjustments

A number of quick and easy fixes are available, especially with dental offices such as The Denture Center, that features an in-house lab. Adjustments can be made while you wait without the delays that shipping to an outside lab would require. 

For example, the length of the denture can be shortened if you are experiencing any jaw numbness or gagging sensations. Also, notches in dentures that are cut out to accommodate muscle attachments can be widened. Simple tweaks can make all the difference in the feel and day-to-day comfort of wearing your dentures. 

Dentures Relines

Along with initial denture adjustments, your dentures are likely to require a reline every one to two years. As the mouth shape changes over time, your dentures may become loose. A reline will accommodate the change in mouth structure and provide a good fit again. Wearing ill fitting dentures can lead to sores and ulcers, so putting off a reline is not recommended.

Simple denture maintenance will help you avoid unnecessary oral health issues.

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Steps In Getting Dentures

How IV Sedation Can Help With Dental Anxiety

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If you are like many people, the thought of a visit to the dentist fills you with anxiety. You may be tempted to avoid addressing dental problems due to this fear. Fortunately, IV sedation offers a great option to eliminate discomfort and anxiousness while allowing for needed dental extractions.

What Is IV Sedation?

IV Sedation is a method of giving anesthesia for relaxation into the blood stream through an IV. The anesthesia takes effect quickly and the patient sleeps during dental extractions. At Dr. Patel’s, The Denture Center, IV Sedation will be administered and monitored by a Board-Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA).

IV Sedation is a form of conscious sedation. The patient breathes on his or her own throughout sedation and will not need an extended period to come out of the anesthesia once the procedure is completed. He or she will not remember the dental extractions. The patient will need to have friends or family drive him or her home and should refrain from activities until fully alert and awake.

What Are The Advantages Of Having A Certified Nurse Anesthetist Handle Dental Sedation?

CRNA’s are highly trained in performing dental sedation. They are able to administer anesthesia and carefully monitor the patient before, during, and after dental extractions. Working in tandem with the dentist, these professionals focus on patient comfort, safety and allow the dentist to provide his or her full undivided attention in performing extractions.

Is IV Sedation Right For Me?

Although dental sedation is right for many people, a thorough health and dental examination will need to be conducted first. At The Denture Center, your health and safety are our number one priority.

Steps In Getting Dentures At The Denture Center

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Steps To Get Dentures

At The Denture Center, we are focused on creating customized dentures perfect for each patient in a comfortable, caring setting.

Dental Exam/Consultation

First Dr. Patel will put his 17 plus years of denture experience to work examining your mouth and unique bone structure to ensure that dentures are the best solution for you. The examination may include a Digital Panorex X-Ray in order for a detailed look at your mouth.

Dental Impressions

If it is decided that dentures are right for you, Dr. Patel will take impressions of your mouth. During this stage, Dr. Patel will also work with you to determine the appropriate size of teeth and the right shading for teeth and gums of dentures. Also, careful attention will be paid to upper and lower jaw alignment.

Wax Try-In, Processing, Polishing of Dentures

The impressions will then be taken to the in-house lab for pour up. The lab technicians will start the process of setting the teeth for a wax try-in. Having a lab in-house allows for access to expert technicians and a much speedier process. The teeth are then placed in the mouth for a wax try-in. Once the patient and Dr. Patel are satisfied with the bite and looks of the teeth, they are then sent back to the lab for processing.

The dentures are then processed and polished by the in-house lab. For many people, the process will only take two days from start to finish. In complex cases, the time period may be a bit longer.

After receiving the dentures, It may take a few weeks for you to get fully used to them. This is perfectly normal. We offer adjustments at no charge for 60 days after you receive your dentures.

From start to finish, we view the denture process as a partnership between the patient and The Denture Center team. The right dentures can truly transform your smile and quality of life.

Our Denture Options

Full Upper or Lower $300
Full Set of Dentures $525
Full Upper or Lower $500
Full Set of Dentures $925
Full Upper or Lower $1050
Full Set of Dentures $2013

Our Extraction Options

Routine Extraction $114 Price Per Tooth
Routine Extraction With New Denture Wearer Package $80 Price Per Tooth
Complex Extraction $174 Price Per Tooth
Complex Extraction With New Denture Wearer Package $140 Price Per Tooth
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