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Tips For Keeping Dentures Clean

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How To Keep Dentures Clean

The risks that come along with dirty dentures can be significant. Dentures, just like natural teeth, need to be cleaned daily for both health and cosmetic reasons.

Neglecting Dentures

One of the most glaring risks with neglecting your dentures is fungal infections. Fungal infections can cause inflammation in your gums which results in tenderness, redness, and discomfort, plus may lead to the need to use anti-fungal medication. Another risk associated with not regularly cleaning your dentures is mouth sores. The build-up of plaque between your dentures and gums can cause painful irritation and ulcers. Also, daily cleaning of your dentures can lead to less staining.

Tips For Taking Care Of Your Dentures

Here are some easy tips for keeping your dentures in top shape:

  • After eating, rinse your dentures with warm water to remove food particles.
  • Brush your dentures daily with a soft-bristle toothbrush and Liquid Dial Soap. Avoid toothpaste and any whitening products as they are too abrasive for dentures and can damage them.
  • At the end of the day, soak your dentures overnight in water (not mouthwash). Make sure to drop a cleaning tablet in your container of water. This soaking will prevent your dentures from drying out and help them maintain shape.
  • Handle your dentures with care by not exposing them to hot water or high heat. If you are afraid that you might drop them while cleaning, lay a towel on your work surface as a cushion.
  • Make sure to visit your dentist regularly. Some people mistakenly believe that once you have dentures, you no longer need to go to the dentist. Regular visits can help prevent problems from developing.

Taking care of your dentures is easy once you have a routine in place. Keeping your dentures clean and in good shape will benefit you in the long run.

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